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Riverview Endoscopy adheres to the fee structure recommended by the Australian Government, that is, the so-called Schedule Fee.

In practice this means that any person undergoing a procedure with Riverview Endoscopy will be fully reimbursed by Medicare and their Health Fund for any bills raised by Riverview Endoscopy.

For patients seen in outpatient consultation there is a small gap between the Medicare reimbursement and the bill which is not covered at present by any Health Fund.

Additionally, patients admitted to hospital are charged a bed stay fee by the hospital. For procedures this fee is largely reimbursed by Private Health Funds, although there is often a gap.

Patients having biopsies, or other pathology tests, and those where an anaesthetist provides sedation for procedures (MOST cases) will receive separate accounts from those doctors. These are usually fully refunded by Medicare and the Health Fund.

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