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For hundreds, if not thousands of years, human kind has been aware of the tantalising qualities of the brew fermented from hops, malt and water.

Today we have literally thousands of choices in our beers. Many are excellent, some are best forgotten. But everyone has a favourite and every beer has its fervent followers, even if only the family drinking the home brewed version.

These pages are devoted to the beers of the world and the fascinating bottles and labels that embellish them. The total collection contains about 600 bottles. The images are in a separate folder and all are linked to the directories below. However, you have to use the back button on your browser to get to the next beer.


The beers are rated according to my unique definition. This does not attempt to grade every single beer to the finest degree, but instead to give some practical guide to whether the beer is fantastic, worth a try - or instead - best avoided.

May I suggest you check out my favourite beers first. Then have a look for your favourites. To make things easier for you to find you favourite beers, bottles or labels, I suggest you look under countries. From here you can find beers in the collection sorted by brewery within each country. All beers named in these pages are linked to one or more images. Having found the beers you want, load the images individually, using the back button on your browser to return to the group which interests you.

If the country you are interested in has an asterisk (*) after its name then I have not yet made a page for it.

Alternatively, you can search for beers by name, by brewery worldwide, my own scoring system for the best beers or by alcohol strength.
If your favourite brew is not listed it means I have not yet tried it, or can't remember doing so. In either case it means it is unlikely I can easily get it in Australia. If you want it listed send me a bottle (no cans) and I will include it and review it. Your assistance will be acknowledged.

My favourite beers and bottles


Countries of the world


  1. Afghanistan*
  2. Albania
  3. Argentina
  4. Armenia
  5. Australia
  6. Austria
  7. Bahamas
  8. Belgium
  9. Belize
  10. Bolivia
  11. Botswana
  12. Brazil
  13. Bulgaria Burma*
  14. Cambodia
  15. Canada
  16. Channel Islands
  17. Chile
  18. China
  19. Cuba
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Denmark
  22. Domenican Republic
  23. El Salvador Ecuador*
  24. England
  25. Estonia
  26. Fiji
  27. Finland*
  28. France
  29. Gabon*
  30. Germany
  31. Greece
  32. Holland
  33. Haiti*
  34. Hong Kong SAR
  35. Hungary
  36. Iceland*
  37. India
  38. Indonesia
  39. Ireland
  40. Israel
  41. Italy
  42. Jamaica
  43. Japan
  44. Kenya
  45. Korea
  46. Lao PDR
  47. Lebanon
  48. Lithuania
  49. Macau*
  50. Madagascar
  51. Malaysia
  52. Mauritius
  53. Mexico
  54. Morocco
  55. Namibia
  56. New Zealand
  57. Norway*
  58. Oman*
  59. Pakistan*
  60. Papua New Guinea
  61. Peru
  62. Philipines
  63. Poland
  64. Portugal
  65. Qatar*
  66. Romania*
  67. Russia
  68. Saint Christopher-Nevis*
  69. Samoa
  70. Scotland
  71. Singapore
  72. Slovakia
  73. South Africa
  74. Spain
  75. Sri Lanka
  76. Sweden
  77. Switzerland
  78. Tahiti*
  79. Taiwan
  80. Tanzania
  81. Thailand
  82. Turkey
  83. Uganda*
  84. Ukraine
  85. USA
  86. Vanuatu
  87. Venezuela
  88. Vietnam
  89. Virgin Islands
  90. Wales
  91. Western Sahara*
  92. West Indies
  93. Yemen*
  94. Zaire*
  95. Zambia
  96. Zimbabwe

  97. Created 15 October 1997, last updated 19 December 2006

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